Our Story

We are really quirky guys, (ask anyone) who shudder at the thought of normalcy and a status quo. When we decided to open, our first step was to make a list of all the things we hated about hookah bars. Instead of the usual overpriced pseudo Middle Eastern bullshit we tried to build memorable experiences for the members... from the nationally recognized graffiti art, down to the custom cobra hoses.

Here is the full heroic story...

Word on the mean streets...

The Cobra Lounge is downright incredible. When it comes to hookah bars, this place brings it. Chill yet cozy atmosphere, unbelievably comfortable couches and an always satisfying selection of flavors are just a few reasons why the Cobra Lounge is a new addition on my list of favorite places in Capitol Hill. – Lauren D

The Cobra Lounge

The Cobra Lounge is comfortable, clean, and pretty swanky. Not at all what I expected! I came here with a group of Yelpers tonight, and I really enjoyed myself! – Katrina N

The Cobra Lounge