The Cobra Lounge
  A Hookah Lounge Hideout for Rebels, Bandits and Adventurers   


Odds are the answer to your ludicrous question is already on our site, so look hard before emailing us with homework. If not, here are the answers to some of the crazier ones..

Q: OMG, I left my iPhone/coat/wallet/purse at the lounge last night! What should I do?


We get it. You’re partying hard and don’t necessarily have time to worry about the random crap you brought with you. Add this to the fact that our couches are always hungry for sunglasses and the newest tech gear. When we pick up earrings/iphones/wallets etc. we take them to a very special little shelf in the back called “Shit people left”. Your best bet for getting your shit back is to return to the lounge ASAP and ask the dude at the desk. If he doesn’t have it on the shelf, move on to plan B…Search the area where you were sitting EXTENSIVELY. The “dude behind the desk” will gladly help you. We currently have a search and rescue percentage of 93%.

Q:How old do I have to be to get in?

The magical age of man-boyhood, 18 or older.

Q: Do I need a government issued photo ID?

Yes. This includes Passports, drivers licenses, state IDs, and military ID’s. We also accept birth certificates (if you bring a picture ID such as a school ID with your name on it). Even if you have a membership YOU MUST BRING YOUR ID EVERY VISIT. We don’t make the laws…we deal with them.

Q:How much does it cost to get in?

It’s FREE! However, you must have a VALID MEMBERSHIP. This is some BS required by the state which sucks, but is the law nonetheless.

Q: How much is a membership and how long is it good for?

We are REQUIRED BY THE STATE to charge for membership! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That being said, we keep ours THE LOWEST IN WA at a charge of just $5 for the year. You’re welcome America!

Q: How much does it cost to smoke hookah?

Each night we hand select 5 fresh flavors from our rotating “Kitchen” of 68, blend in some of our imported herbs and pack them fresh nightly! We use the HIGHEST QUALITY SHISHA ON THE MARKET in ALL of our bowls. We spend almost double what our imitators do to import our shisha directly from Dubai, ensuring unmatched quality, smoother smoke and an authentic experience.

Flavored Bowl | $13.99
Premium bowls | $16.99-$21.99


Q: What is a premium bowl?
Our premium bowls are filled with shisha and infused with herbal additives. These additives include (Wormwood, Damiana, Kava Kava and Hops Flower).

Q: How long have you been open?

Since Nov ’07. And we are having a fucking blast!

Q: How old are you guys?
Well it depends on when you read this but we were both born in 1987.

Q: Can I rent the sacred Cobra Lounge?
Yes! During *private rentals only* we are also allowed to have alcohol! The Cobra Boys are awesome bartenders. Seriously though, we rock speedos, bowties and an unreal hangover the next morning. We have done Bachelorette parties, keg parties, gallery art showings, hookah events, college clubs, and the occasional work party (the crew at La Fiamma is legendary). Check out the Contact section to make it happen.

Q: Do you have wireless?
The evil Comcast has not yet given us the privilege in Bellingham

Seattle and Tacoma are both equipped.

Q:Can my band play at The Cobra Lounge?

Ahem. Hell yes. Hit up the contact section to find “your guy”.
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